New Lifts

We provide a wide range of lift solutions tailored to a variety of building requirements.


Our complete service starts with experienced sales professionals helping to specify the right product for the application and includes a total design and installation package.

Whether your need is for a standard lift, a unique out and out “special”, or even modernisation and refurbishment of an existing lift, Westbury Lifts has the knowledge and experience you can rely on.


Goods Only Lifts

Goods lifts designed for all pallet and roll container goods applications. Prefabricated, modular designs complete with self supporting steel enclosure. 500 kg and 750 kg small car and 750 kg and 1,000 kg large car models.

Hydraulic goods only lift for exceptionally heavy duty requirements. Prefabricated, modular design complete with self supporting modular enclosure 500 kg and 750 kg models

Specialist Lift Systems

Specialist lifts are individually designed to solve specific vertical transportation problems. Unique requirements may include the type of goods to be carried, the needs of the production process or any special environmental considerations.

The unique operational utilisation of the specialist lift makes it one of the most important parts of the building design or production process.

Westbury Lifts has the proven technical expertise and practical knowledge to design, manufacture, commission and support specialist lifts.



Westbury Lifts cooperates with well known manufacturers for supplying escalators and travelators. Many have been installed in demanding areas with heavy traffic like airport terminals and subways.

Characterized by innovative stylish design, reliable operation, superior riding comfort and exceptional quietness, safe demarcation line, fault display, indoor or outdoor installation and all manufactured according to ΕΝ115.

Disabled Access Lifts

Westbury Lifts is a leading supplier, installer and maintainer of wheelchair disability and mobility access lifts, commercial elevators and residential lifts.

We have a variety of the world’s best mobility solutions including stair lifts, vertical rise platforms and hydraulic MRL lifts.


Car Lifts


Westbury parking systems is the ideal solution for commercial, public, and residential use, especially for buildings with limited space, where sufficient parking positions are required.

They are equipped with hydraulic lifting cylinders and ropes, in combination with mechanical interlocks, making it safer and more durable for long term use.